American Soldiers In Shannon Surprised To Learn Of Ireland’s Neutrality


US SOLDIERS waiting in Shannon Airport before they board a military plane stocked with an extensive array of weapons destined for an undisclosed location in the Middle East have expressed their complete surprise at Ireland’s neutrality after news reports confirmed the Nation’s neutrality could be under threat from the EU.

“Oh boy, the Irish government are going to be so pissed when they find out what we’ve been doing in Shannon all these years, but I hope they realise it is probably part of some massive misunderstanding,” confirmed one US soldier clearly unaware of the longstanding blind eye the Irish government has turned to the US military’s activity in Shannon Airport.

The soldiers’ discovery comes after TDs from several political parties have accused the government of rushing through a vote related to Ireland signing up to the EU’s permanent structured cooperation arrangement (Pesco) which could threaten the country’s neutrality.

“God, I just feel awful. Here we are, the last decade or so, loading up planes with bombs, secretly renditioning people, breaking all sorts of human rights on Irish soil with no idea how sacred neutrality is to the Irish government,” added a crestfallen US soldier.

Signing up to Pesco represents a step too far for many non-government TDs who allege it will ultimately lead to a joint-European army, with a considerable increase in spending on the military.

“Okay so, do we like pay the Irish people huge amounts of compensation for defying their constitution? Or shit, are we going to go to jail if the Irish government get really pissed by what we’ve done on their soil?” a curious US soldier asked moments before being told to shush, keep his head down and just get on with things by an Irish government official.