Worried About What To Buy Your Pet For Christmas? We’ve Got The Solution!


IT’S Christmas time for everyone in the house… not just your family, but for your pets as well. What, you were just going to give your dog the meaty, delicious bones and leftovers from the Christmas dinner and hope that he’d be happy to munch through that as his Christmas present? You think a dog or a cat has any interest in 7 times more rich food than they normally get? Maybe it’s YOU who is the animal. No, for your four-legged friend to truly enjoy his Christmas, you’ll need something more like:


Dogs and cats LOVE clothes, particularly Christmas-themed clobber. So get your pet a Santa outfit, or an Elf outfit, or a fleece-lined jacket, Jesus Christ, a hat if nothing else. Then spend an hour, maybe two on Christmas morning taking the perfect adorable snap of ‘Frosty the pug’ that you can share on social media with the caption ‘OMG HE LOVES IT’.

 A PS4

Dogs and cats may act coy, but they certainly understand everything that’s going on around the feast of the birth of Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. And they certainly understand the notion that Christmas is a time when people who care for each other, buy gifts for each other. They know. They get it. To them, it isn’t just ‘another Thursday’. They know it’s Christmas! They get it! So what, you’re not going to buy your dog a PS4? Do you not love him enough? Look at his face! Get him a cutting edge games console you prick!

A goat for an African village

For the pet who is more socially conscious, the gift of giving is perfect. A wide range of charity organisations offer ‘gifts’ to impoverished people in some of the most inhospitable areas in the world, all presented in the receivers name. Sure, your dog might love a new pair of Ugg boots. But what he might love just as much, is the knowledge that a family in Africa will receive a goat which they can use to get fresh milk every day, and that when they receive that goat it will come with a message that says, this goat was bought for you by Choppy the Pom from Waterford. That’s Christmas, right there.