Garda Warning As Exiled Cannabis Fiend May Attempt Xmas Return To Ireland


GARDAÍ have issued a nationwide warning this evening after sources on the ground confirmed that one of the country’s most infamous cannabis fiends is expected to return to Ireland for the Christmas period.

Cork city’s special response unit is to appoint an extra 4,000 specially trained, armed gardaí in preparation for cannabis kingpin Ava Barry’s arrival from well-known drug haven, Holland, where she has been in exile for the last 4 months.

“We believe she has been using pure cannabis oil while hiding out in Holland,” explained Sergeant Tim Jones, who oversees the local drug unit, “Cork airport will be temporarily closed upon her arrival while security searches her luggage for any illegal substances.

Garda intelligence believes the 7-year-old fled to the Dutch state in July, just so she could spend all her time taking cannabis oil, with her mother Vera Twomey claiming the extract is actually a “medicine” which counteracts the effects of a catastrophic form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome, which causes her daughter to enter 10 epileptic seizures a day.

“We’re actually sick of dope users coming up with all sorts of excuses for using the drug,” the Sergeant insisted, now pinning a picture of Ava to a criminal watch list in the station, “we even had one lad we caught last week saying it relieves his cancer pains. They would literally say anything to get away with it, but not this time. If we find even as much as a pinhead on Barry, she’s going straight to jail, along with the rest of the pot heads”.

Ava is the daughter of medicinal cannabis campaigner Vera Twomey, whose family have had to split their time between their Cork home and the Netherlands, as their other children are attending school. She claims her daughter is remaining “seizure-free on medical CBD [cannabidiol] and THC [tetrahydocannabinol] in Holland”, but this has yet to be proven by expert politicians.

A gofundme page set up by the criminals is being run under the hashtag #bringavahome, and can be found by clicking HERE