Shocking Prime Time Reveals What We Already Know About Landlords


A TRULY SHOCKING edition of RTÉ current affairs programme Prime Time dealing with rogue landlords has prompted a surprised Irish public to yawn and exclaim ‘yes, and?’ WWN can reveal.

The investigation, which rightly highlights the almost lawless ways many Irish landlords operate, has been described as ‘all too familiar’ to the Irish public, prompting some to go as far as to state ‘no shit Sherlock’.

“Holy shit! This could be the thing that blows the whole lid on rogue landlords and change renting in Ireland forever,” shared one TV viewer with WWN, who is a sarcastic prick if we’re being honest.

“The government is totally going to act on this investigation and actually do something to benefit people being fucked over with impunity by landlords, oh wait, no,” added the TV viewer, who really didn’t need to be so cynical.

A body representing Irish landlords defended themselves today, stating that the Prime Time investigation was not reflective of the entirety of the Nation’s landlords.

“We were shocked to see 20 people sharing a two-bed house central to Dublin city. Just looking at the footage, you can clearly see he could have fitted in another 8 beds if he just got rid of the toilet. This guy’s an amateur or we’re ashamed to be associated with him,” confirmed the landlord body.

A government spokesperson from the Department of No, Actually, Everything Is Fine vowed to act quickly to overhaul the property rental sector and bring an end to landlords ripping off, extorting and intimidating people who are often young and in a financially vulnerable position.

“Did you see Leo over in America with Mark Zuckerberg, he announced new Facebook jobs in Ireland,” confirmed the spokesperson, directly addressing the concerns long voiced by the Nation’s tenants, “God, isn’t everything about Ireland great,” he concluded.