“They’re Lying To You All!” Dobson Dragged Away By Security On His Last Six One


FOLLOWING 21 years at the helm of Ireland’s number one news source, veteran anchorman and broadcaster Brian Dobson had to be forcefully removed from his news desk by RTÉ security in his last Six One News appearance this evening.

After an emotional goodbye to the Nation delivered towards the end of the programme, a maniacal Dobson began shouting at the HD camera before being wrestled to the ground and led away by a uniformed security man.

“Over the past two decades, I have managed to remain tight-lipped on the inner workings of Radió Telefís Éireann,” the 57-year-old began to wrap up, his eyes now frantically darting from left to right as if being warned off camera, “but I need to say this before I go: they’re lying to you all, don’t believe any of this bullshit,” he continued, now holding his hands up as if being approached, “these fucking guys are Nazis… don’t believe a word… ”

In what has since been described as a rugby tackle, Mr. Dobson can be seen taken to the ground by a man in uniform bearing an RTÉ badge, while the anchor tried his best to continue his warning.

“They purposely deflate protester figures…” the now muffled Dobson could be heard through the commotion as he wrestled with security, “they’re manipulating you… believe nothing… none of this is real… it’s all lies, lies I tell you, lies! Marty Whelan is a shapeshifter!”

The broadcast was then cut short before a test card apologised for ‘technical issues’ as the sound of a scuffle continued briefly before all sound was cut.

A spokesperson said that a replacement for Dobson, aka Dobbo, will be announced “in the coming weeks”.