Members Of Introverts Anonymous Meeting Fail To Show For 12th Week Running


A FUNCTION room in a local GAA club remained empty for the 12th week running, as members of an Introverts Anonymous group failed to attend, WWN can reveal.

Introverts Anonymous or ‘IA’ was set up locally in the Waterford City area by a number of like-minded shy and withholding individuals who preferred not to rabbit on and talk endlessly in social settings. However, since the group’s inception 3 months ago, they have failed to hold their opening meeting.

“I was all set to go, but then I thought about all the questions I’d be asked and what if everyone was looking at me, I’m not great at speaking in public so I said I best leave it and stay in and watch Corrie,” revealed an Introvert Anonymous member named John, who reluctantly opened his front door to this reporter.

“There were texts exchanged, and everyone was on board, I just presumed they were having the meetings without me, but when it came to grabbing my coat and getting in the car, driving, interacting with them, I just thought ‘ah that’s too much for me, I don’t want to be talking to all these people’,” added John.

Hoping to convene and share in their mutual reticence, the IA group has found their opportunities to share their experiences foiled by their collective diffidence.

“Ah no, look, I’ll definitely be going next week,” confirmed John, with the sort of assertive confidence that would dissipate completely when the time came to actually head out the door to the meeting this time next week.