Isn’t War Criminal George W Bush Just Gas Altogether?


OMG! War criminal George W Bush was cracking jokes with Barack Obama during Bill Clinton’s speech and we can hardly contain our tiny little minds with all their hilarious shenanigans! LOL! Everyone here in the WWN Viral office is literally bent over laughing right now and doing zero work in the process.

Generally, we don’t usually entertain war criminals who unlawfully invade other countries on the back of a lie as much as the next premium publication, but when a glimpse of humanity in the form of a snigger suddenly beams from their crooked face, we kinda break down a little inside and are unable to contain our fawning selves, so-much-so that we just had to express our ill-thought out reaction in the form of a 250-word article along with the hilarious clip embedded for you all to join in in the furore.

Was George W’s administration heavily responsible for the deaths of over 500,000 people in the Iraq war, that’s like nearly 2% of the country’s population – insert sad emoji here? Yes. And did his poor strategy later help create, along with the Obama administration, a platform for the rise of ISIS? Certainly! But one things for sure, the man sure can crack a joke and a smile on occasion, and leave us all in tears of nervous laughter in the process.

In between bouts of laughing, we must have watched the clip below 400 times now and wish we’d been a fly on the wall for this one. Just what was Georgie whispering to Obama behind Bill’s back? Was it “Poor Bill never got a chance to drone strike a school”, or “I think they’re all falling for this nicey, nicey ex-president bullshit, Barack”, or did he just simply just say “I can’t believe I’m still a free man”?, we’ll never know what was said.

But it sure was gas to watch these ex-US Presidents join forces like that, regardless of the civilian deaths in countries they unlawfully invaded. Gas.

All. Is. Forgiven. G.