Remembering Conor McGregor’s Tireless Campaign For Gay Rights & Marriage Equality


THOUSANDS of LGBT people have taken to the streets for the official unveiling of a new statue commemorating the efforts of MMA superstar Conor McGregor for the ‘Yes’ campaign during the marriage equality referendum.

McGregor, who tackled the fight for gay rights as if it was some Mexican, is cited as having single-handedly swung the vote for the yes side through a mix of tireless multi-media campaigning and night and day, rain or shine canvassing across the entirety of Ireland.

“I wouldn’t be married to my husband right now if it wasn’t for Conor,” said one man at the unveiling of the 30ft statue of McGregor roundhouse-kicking a No campaigner in the face.

“We call him the saviour of the gays. The way he spent 9 million euro of his own money printing up flyers, the way he went on every TV talk show and drove home the equality message, even though it made him unpopular, even though it took him away from MMA for nearly a year… truly, Conor McGregor is a hero to all gay people”.

Due to McGregor’s selfless deeds during the marriage equality referendum coupled with the fact that he works with someone who has a gay brother, the world has decided that the Dublin man, who represents Ireland on the world stage, can use as many homophobic slurs as he likes for the rest of his life, adding that he’s ‘only messing’ when he calls someone a “faggot”.