“Ladies, You’re Going To Want To Hear My Opinion On This #MeToo Business”


IN our latest entry of the WWN Voices series, we give a platform to people we really shouldn’t. This week is the turn of Alan Mellings, who is just going to get straight to the point and illuminate us all on the #MeToo movement.

I think it’s great, this #MeToo movement. Shocked, aren’t you? A MAN, of all people, thinking people speaking out about being harassed, assaulted and raped by MEN is a good thing. But, look, I’m just a provocative thinker who’s always taking a different angle on things.

Now that I’ve stated my impeccable record of supporting women, I have a mother after all, I think I can weigh in a bit more on this #MeToo business.

Ladies, I think we get it. I’ve skimmed through a lot of what you girls had to say online before correcting some of your inaccuracies, but I get it. Men get it. It’s probably time to bring this to a close so we can all say we’ve learned something, and move on. Regrettably, amongst all these declarations of harassment, sexual assault and rape, there’s one voice that has been marginalised like no other, in a way you women wouldn’t understand and that’s the voice of men.

Huge supporter of women as I’ve said, but have you considered for a second what sharing your stories of harassment and assault has done for men like me, who’s been nothing but polite and nice to womankind? I mean, it’s getting to the stage where you can’t talk to women without being compared to Jimmy Savile.

And that’s what you’re doing, in a very literal sense, you have labeled every man as Jimmy Savile on speed. That’s a fact. You need to calm down a little bit, not every man is a sex pest. Actually, you need to calm down a LOT of bit. A huge amount of bit, it needs saying and I’ll be crucified for saying it as a MAN, despite already stating I think rape is bad, but you’re overreacting just a tad. And hey, before you go crazy remember I have a mother AND a sister and a girlfriend. I’m pro-women.

But when I read about how a woman was raped by someone she knows, I feel like you’re accusing me directly, a perfectly gentlemanly gentleman, of being one too. There’s no need to unpack that from a psychological aspect, let’s just bring this #MeToo business to a close because it’s making me angry and uncomfortable. How could you, in all good conscience share your stories without a thought for how angry it makes me?

This isn’t an overreaction to your very obvious overreaction, I’m actually doing something called underreacting, I could share stories about women that would make your head spin, but if I did that, well, you can imagine how you lot would react. And no, I’m not ‘mansplaining’.

Myself and my fellow members of the Mens Rights forum I’m part of have discussed how you’re in what’s called an ‘echo chamber’, in which you only listen to a strict set of opinions and beliefs which reflect your own ideology and thoughts. That can be toxic, and we’ve seen that play out in #MeToo, and it’s disturbing. Sorry, but this is something you need to know.

There’s a troubling reality we have to face up in the fall out of all of these women’s stories; if you keep confessing to having been harassed, it’s going to irritate me and other men a lot more, next thing I’ll be off to some male only concentration camp. That’s right. Is that what you want; to exterminate all men? You need to speak up for the good men, like me, or else that’s what will happen. We’re voiceless and need your help.