Waterford Parents Looking For Any Excuse To Mention Eldest Is Studying Abroad This Year


A PROUD SET of Waterford based parents have revealed they need little to no excuse to insert the fact their son is studying in France this year into conversation, WWN revealed.

Karen and Michael Brownley have been at pains to give voice to the fact their eldest Brian is studying in Paris this year, no matter the circumstances or who they’re talking to.

“He’ll come back with a moustache and an accent or something ha ha ha ha,” Karen is believed to utter at the end of all her conversations about Brian’s study, which to date number 9,000 separate interactions.

Speaking to WWN, one person caught up in an exchange with the parents explained the tactics the parents use to wedge the information into conversations.

“They actually just said it out loud in a queue to the ATM at no one in particular, but once someone said ‘that’s nice’ they got the whole low down for the next hour,” confirmed an eyewitness to the invasive parental pride.

“I’m not sure if the dad thinks it makes him sophisticated or special somehow, but I genuinely think he believes Brian is the first Irish person to ever do something like this,” the witness added.

Careful not to come across too smug at the fact their child in excelling, Karen and Michael also ensure they ask after other people’s children and the less impressive progress they are making.

“How’s your John, is he still on the dole? I don’t know now if Brian could get the French dole, he wouldn’t need to mind, he’s fluent in French. Did I mention he’s in Paris?” offered Michael, in a way that carefully disguised his condescension so it was almost undetectable.