Too Close To Current Shooting & Next Shooting To Talk About Gun Control, US Politicians Confirm


LEADING politicians in America have helpfully lectured anyone asking for legislative change to gun laws to take a long, hard look at themselves as it is simply too soon to discuss the matter, owing to the fact it is too close to the current and next mass shooting tragedies.

While many politicians on both sides of the aisle have long been in favour of stricter gun laws, some Republican politicians have labelled a discussion on how to save Americans from senseless and ceaseless acts of violence as ‘deeply unpatriotic’.

“People trying to politicise this tragedy by talking about gun laws would do well to note that it is simply too soon before the next shooting, which will no doubt take place at some point in the near future,” Republican Mitch McConnell shared with reporters.

McConnell went on to explain that in the wake of people losing their lives in a mass shooting, it is unsavoury to begin the process of trying to stop such a thing occurring again. He, along with Ted Cruz cautioned that the solution may lie in sitting on their hands and doing nothing.

“They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results and we agree, which is why the only solution we see is to reject all gun control measures and double up on thoughts and prayers. We will crack this mass shooting solution, but not if people insist on talking about it and developing a cross party solution, that sounds a bit nuts to us,” McConnell concluded.

The NRA, a leading group of concerned citizens, has patriotically called for anyone who is found to be in possession of a progressive opinion on gun control to be subjected to stringent background checks.