Buses Expected To Handle All Bank Holiday Weekend Fights Following Rail Strike


WORKERS at Bus Éireann have expressed their concerns about Irish Rail’s looming industrial action set to take place during the October bank holiday weekend, with many sceptical as to whether or not the bus service will be able to cope with the added number of drunken violent brawls over the three day period.

Rail staff are expected to take to the picket lines over the Halloween period, in a move that would effect up to 150,000 passengers on Dart and commuter services; many at peak drunken times such as 11:00 at night and 10:00 in the morning.

Aggressive, drink-fuelled revellers who would normally get the last train home or the first train the next morning will now be forced to take the nightlink bus, which according to Bus Éireann is already operating at maximum fight capacity.

“I’m just not sure the average bus journey will be able to sustain the added amount of racially-motivated incidents, sexual inappropriateness, and straight up MMA fights” said a spokesperson for Bus Éireann.

“We may put on extra services to make sure that we can cope with the thousands of extra people looking to get home, who will be extra angry after having to wait that bit longer for buses to come, or that have just realised that trains aren’t running and are more aggressive because of it”.

Bus Éireann went on to state that the extra drivers they will lay on for the night will be all trained in coping with the added amount of abuse they will receive while working.