Best & Worst Dressed At Ploughing 2017


WITH this year’s annual Plouging Championships drawing to a close, it’s time for townies all across the country to have a good sneer at those silly little boggers and their farmer’s honeymoon down in Sticktown or “wherever that thing is held”.

What form will the townie torment of these hapless bog hoppers take today? Why not a best/worst dressed list? That’s bound to be good for a sneer from all those cityfolk, who can take a look at what culchies wore to the ploughing match and mock them for wearing clothes that cost less than a weekend in Paris. Off we go!

1) Worst- Sean Muldoone, 47

Yup, here’s life-long farmer Sean Muldoone from Kilkenny, dressed like he’s going to some sort of agricultural festival. This middle-aged father of 4 mustn’t have got the memo- wellies are so out this year! Ha ha! You’d never see a townie wearing this. Townies are great. Everyone loves them.

2) Worst- Cathail McHanlon, 38

Dairy farmer McHanlon may know a lot about livestock, but he’s scoobied when it comes to matching his trousers with his jacket. Why else would he wear a pair of blue jeans and a navy fleece-lined waterproof jacket? It’s almost as if a man who gets up at four AM every morning (and we do mean every morning) to provide for his family doesn’t really care for his appearance when it comes to going to a three-day farming festival. Point and laugh!

3) Worst- Nuala Gennings, 26

Ah here Nuala, a young one your age should be wearing as little clothing as possible and a full face of make-up. What are you doing going to the Ploughing Match to compete at the highest level of your chosen sport, where you’ll spend the whole time sitting in a pair of overalls in a tractor? Glue some glitter to your face, it’s a fucking festival love!

We could go on, but we’d have to go through each of the 300,000 boggers who showed up at this thing. It’s almost like they don’t give a fuck what city people think of them!