Taoiseach Buys Cool New Socks In Bid To Distract From Mounting Pressure


CURRENT Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has headed into town to buy himself some funky new socks, in a bid to distract attention away from the fallout surrounding the resignation of Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan.

Varadkar, who took the office of Taoiseach after Enda Kenny stood down in June, and has gone through 234 pairs of colourful novelty socks in that time alone.

With the homelessness crisis still raging and criticism about the record waiting times for patients in A&Es around the country, Varadkar addressed the press on the steps of Leinster House this morning, where he declared his full support for the former Garda Commissioner while also showing off some badass new socks.

“We wish Nóirín all the best and thank her for handling the numerous garda scandals in an efficient, satisfactory manner,” said Leo with one leg on a stool, causing his trouser leg to rise up and reveal some colourful Rick and Morty socks.

“It’s like I said the other day when I was running a 5k while being Ireland’s first openly gay Taoiseach, sometimes you just have to be a handsome, charismatic young man who appeals to a new generation of voters who can relate to you because you seem to like the same things they do. And if the retirement of the Garda Commissioner that we all said we had full faith in less than a week ago is something that we have to deal with, well then I guess we’ll just have to pull. Our. Socks up. Am I right? Pull our socks up? Get it?”

The hashtag ‘#LeoSocks’ has trended on Twitter all morning since the incident, replacing ‘LeoSucks’ which had trended all day yesterday.