Trump Spoils Game Of Thrones Finale On Twitter


US PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s Twitter account has yet again been the source of much anger and outrage after the billionaire began tweeting Game of Thrones spoilers hours before the highly anticipated final episode of season 7 began airing in the US and around the world on Sunday evening.

Inheriting a custom started under his predecessor, Barack Obama, President Trump was in receipt of episodes of the widely popular fantasy program hours before anyone else, making attaining the highest office in America almost worth all the stress and bother that goes with the position.

However, proving that his mendacious and divisive behaviour isn’t just contained to harmless things like dismantling healthcare and encouraging armed conflict with myriad nations he can’t locate on a map, Trump, known to GoT fans as ‘the Mad King’ took to Twitter yesterday afternoon and began dismantling every aspect of the yet-to-be-seen finale of the HBO show.

“Bad. Jon Snow is a loser. Daenerys is a 10 but freeing those slaves in season 3 still a bad move. When will she learn?” confirmed the President, before going on to spoil the entirety of the climatic episode, sparking outrage around the world.

“Refusing to condemn racists is one thing, goading Kim Jong Un into an all-out apocalyptic war; these are things I can take but this son of a bitch should step down now after posting spoilers,” confirmed one irate GoT fan WWN spoke to.

While there is seemingly no precedence for impeaching a president for spoiling an episode of a TV show primarily about sex and dragons rumours that senior Republicans Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are huge fans of the show and were devastated to have it ruined by Trump may finally put in the place the possibility of ousting the much derided leader.

Signing off on Twitter yesterday Trump complained about the extended length of the episode as he struggled to concentrate and also criticised the presence of several non-white actors claiming ‘there were no black people back in Westeros in those days, it’s fake history and fake news’.

In the minutes after Trump had finished completing his most deplorable act since taking office close to 40 million people had already signed a petition calling for him to resign and have his skull crushed ‘like that dude who was fucked up by the Mountain in season 4’.