Warning Over Cocaine Cut With Lethal Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder


GARDAI in Dublin have issued a nationwide warning over a potential lethal batch of contaminated cocaine that was found to contain one of the world’s most deadliest substances, Johnson & Johnson baby powder.

Revenue officers at Dublin port have reportedly seized over 30 kilos of the poisoned coke, which tested for high amounts of the talc-based powder.

“This is by far the worst case of contaminated drugs we have seen here at the port,” Garda Tadhg Casey told WWN, “we’ve seen rat poison, worm powder and even crushed up light bulbs, but this, this takes the biscuit.

“There are some seriously sick people out there selling this stuff on the streets with many customers unaware of the potential risks of Johnson & Johnson baby powder. As everyone is quite aware, this substance causes cancer and should be avoided at all costs”.

It is understood the low cost talc has become the mixing agent of choice by criminal wholesalers after a series of lawsuits in the United States over its cancer causing properties, with one woman securing a €350mn lawsuit this week after she developed terminal ovarian cancer after using the lethal baby powder.

“People probably think the cocaine they are getting is of good quality and potentially harmless,” added Garda Casey, “but little do they know it could be full of lethal Johnson & Johnson baby powder.

“We would advise users to acquire testing kits online to assure your product is not laced with the baby powder.”