Local Man Not Sure Why He Wandered Into Sklep Polski


FATHER-of-two Niall Kerrigan has openly admitted having no intention of buying anything during his little wander around a local Polish supermarket, adding that he has no real explanation as to why he entered in the first place.

Kerrihan, 37, had been killing time in Waterford city centre, while waiting for his wife to pick him up this afternoon, and told WWN that he ‘just sorta found himself’ strolling into one of the 678 ‘Sklep Polski’ in the area.

Completely bewildered by foodstuffs that were not his usual staple of bread, milk and jam, Kerrigan spent approximately 7 minutes ambling around the aisles before leaving empty handed to wait on the street again.

“It’s very like being on holidays in there, everything is foreign,” said Kerrigan, texting his wife to see what was keeping her.

“They’ve very odd looking fruit. I wouldn’t eat any of it, so I’m not sure why I even sauntered into the shop in the first place. I suppose it was just curiosity more than anything else… there’s a Supervalu right across the road.

“I could have gone in there and bought a Mars bar. They didn’t even have Mars bars in this Polish place… well, they had a Márs bar that had the same wrapping and everything, but fuck knows what’s in it”.

Kerrigan went on to report a ‘serious amount of sausages and pickles’ in the Polish supermarket, but not a single Pot Noodle.