Dublin Man Can’t Understand How People Like Different Music Than He Does


TRY AS HE might, a Dublin-based music snob cannot comprehend how people enjoy music that he does not.

Liam Coogan, a noted contrarian on a number of subjects including music, film, television and the ability to enjoy life, has for the entirety of his time on the planet staunchly attacked anyone who expressed a liking for something that wasn’t on his pre-approved list of ‘banging tunes’ and ‘fucking class musicians’.

“Sheeran, Swift, Drake, Gaga, A-fucking-dele, how can people actually like this shit,” Coogan asked, not necessarily open to hearing an answer to his question.

Despite polite protests and explanations provided by fans of other music, Coogan has found it hard to access the part of his brain that can reason with such realities and accept that some people just like other music.

The 22-year-old student, who only listens to real music, went on to outline what artists people should be listening to in place of ‘monumentally dull pre-packaged aural assaults’ carried out by certain mainstream musicians.

“Bob Dylan… that’s about it,” Coogan noted, while also admitting he occasionally has time for music you can take ecstasy too.

“But anything other than that is utter shite,” added the student, who now finds himself invited to parties less and less.