Local Woman Might Go For Free Mammogram If She Has Time After Pilates


WATERFORD mother, Sheila Lafferty, has again ignored her appointment for a free BreastCheck screening, stating that she will get around to the potentially life-saving scan ‘when she has time’.

Lafferty, 55, was one of 25,000 women who failed to show up for their BreastCheck scans last year, claiming to be far too busy to attend the screening due to her hectic schedule of a pilates class one day a week, and meeting up with friends on Saturday mornings to complain about the price of things these days.

As a mother of two adult children, who don’t live with her anymore, Lafferty said ‘she just doesn’t have the time’ to devote an hour once a year to the non-invasive breast examination, which could detect the presence of malignant growth or tumour early enough to ensure a greater outlook, but she can certainly spare the time to attend the book club she runs with her mates.

“Who has the time for these things in this day and age?” asked Lafferty, while watching her fourth hour of soaps on TV, “sure, I’ll get the check done next year or the year after, when I’ve got time.

“I was supposed to go next week, but I’ve a lad coming round to measure the hall for getting carpet laid. He’s very busy too, so I had to take the appointment he gave me. These things are important!”

Lafferty’s kids have since urged her not to be such a naive old fool, and to visit

BreastCheck.ie to get an appointment.