Struggling Parents Resort To Rummaging Through Attic For Old Copy Of Soundings


CASH-strapped parents across the country have headed up to their attics quicker than Anne Frank in a bid to root out their old school books in an attempt to tackle spiralling back-to-school costs.

“I’m sure I had an old Busy-At-Maths around here somewhere,” said Waterford mother, Anne Dennings, currently facing a schoolbook bill of up to €275 per each of her 3 children, “maybe I left it at my parents house, in the garage. I’ll head round there later and see what I can salvage, give it a whack of Febreze, it’ll be grand”.

The hunt to save much-needed cash so that it could then be spent on crested uniforms and PE gear was met with utter frustrations from parents, who expressed anger at compulsory new schoolbooks with only minimal revisions, leaving their younger kids unable to inherit their older children’s textbooks from previous years.

“It’s Soundings, isn’t it? It’s not in fucking Greek, is it?” fumed a furious parent today, in an online discussion forum titled ‘the fuckin price of books, eh?’.

“Does the English curriculum change so much every year that we need brand new, revised text books for each school term? It’s Seamus fucking Heany lads, it’s the same as it was for decades”.

Calls for the government to step in and provide more aid for struggling families on top of the back to school allowance are expected to be addressed in this October’s budget, under a section marked ‘yeah yeah we’ll get right on that, promise’.