Local Woman Definitely, Absolutely, Positively Not Watching CBB This Year


WATERFORD native Fiona Carraher has taken to social media to announce that she will not be watching this years season of Celebrity Big Brother in any capacity, except for maybe the first episode to see who’s in it and perhaps an episode here and there if everyone is talking about it on Twitter or there’s a juicy headline about it in the tabloids.

The latest edition of the popular reality show, now running twice a year apparently, returned to screens last night after a break of just six months, with stars such as Derek Acorah and some lady off YouTube heading up the cast.

Carraher, 35, promptly took to her Facebook page to state emphatically that she would not watch even a single moment of the show, adding that it was ‘ pure shite these days’, and ‘that none of these people are celebrities in the first place’.

“Nope, no way. Not this year,” declared Carraher, while keeping an eye on the CBB hashtag just to see if there was any scandal brewing, “I’ll only watch it if something really unique or interesting happens, like if there’s a fight over nothing, or there’s a big row after they fail a task where they were asked to see who could shout the loudest or whatever.

“Well, maybe I’ll just watch the nominations and the evictions, but not the show itself. Except maybe the wrap-up each week, just so I’m not missing out on any craic with the girls at work”.

Carraher has so far missed zero minutes of CBB.