AMAZING! This Letter Was Addressed To ‘Man In Waterford Who Looks Like A Bit Of A Rapist’ And Got To Its Destination!!


IN yet another example of how awesome the Irish postal service is (and indeed Ireland), another letter with one of the most cryptic of addresses has reached its intended destination.

A county Waterford man received the letter from his friends, which was addressed to ‘man in Waterford who looks like a bit of a rapist’.

Cathal McFarrell, who in fairness does look a bit rapey, received the envelope this morning from his mates who are currently enjoying a backpacking trip across Germany.

Addressed without name, street, house number or city, the letter managed to make it to its destination, in a testament to the postal workers of Ireland and their ability to know exactly who people are talking about when they come across poorly addressed mail in their sorting office, in a bid to be just gas altogether.

“I posted a picture of the letter online, and it’s gone pure viral,” said McFarrell, who is a nice enough chap but just has this weird rapist vibe about him.

“Only in Ireland, eh? No other postal service in the world would deliver mail with fuck all of an address on it, but the Irish can. God, it’s just brilliant to be Irish. We may have our problems, but damn it, we can receive letters that any other postal service in the world would have thrown in the fucking bin”.

Meanwhile, the incident has set the Irish online community on fire, with already 978 articles on the subject appearing on and the Daily Blunt, heralding it as one of the most significant milestones in Irish history to date.