Trump Getting Sick Of His Kids Asking ‘Can We Go Home Now?”


US President Donald J. Trump has warned his children to ‘quit their whinging’ about the intense media scrutiny and possible treason charges they now face on a daily basis, or so God help him he’ll put them over his knee and give them something to complain about.

The malcontent of the Trump children has grown exponentially over the past month with Ivanka under scrutiny over revelations that her clothing lines were cheaply manufactured in China, while her brother Donald Jnr. faces serious allegations of collusion with the Russian government after tweeting emails showing evidence of his collusion with the Russian government.

As reports emerge that Donald Jnr. ‘can’t wait’ for his father’s term in office to be over, President Trump has ‘flipped his lid’ with his kids, telling them that he needs them to stay quiet for the next three years, or they’ll be sorry.

“But I didn’t even do anything, it was the others!” Eric Trump was heard to exclaim, as White House staffers listened intently at the door of the Oval Office as Trump was giving his offspring a bloody good talking to.

“Quiet, you, you’re as bad as the rest of them!” yelled Donald Snr, who later said he was done with this bullshit.

“Why can’t you all be more like Tiffany? She never complains, she just goes about her life travelling the world at the taxpayer’s expense. I’m way too busy to be dealing with this nonsense right now. One more word out of you, and I’m putting you all on Air Force One and flying you back to New York where you’ll be grounded in Trump Tower for a month!”.

The Trump kids then marched out of the Oval Office, prompting everyone at the door to run back to their desks and pretend to be working on something.