McGregor Injures Jaw Following Chewing Gum Related Incident


THERE was fresh drama in the ongoing build-up to the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather face-off today after the Irish UFC star was rushed to hospital with a suspected broken jaw that sources are confirming came from a chewing-gum related incident during ‘trash-talking training’.

McGregor, who has been spotted chewing huge wads of gum at high speeds during every pre-fight press conference so far, was admitted to hospital early yesterday morning before being released later in the day with his entire face in a sling.

Fight analysts have taken to social media to discuss the implications of this injury in the lead up to the August bout between the two fighters, with concerns mounting that McGregor may not be able to yell as many insults at Mayweather at the 27 press conferences, still to be held.

“Conor appears to have snapped his jaw during a thrash talking sparring session,” said the source, “the gum is to ensure soft cushioning between insults, but something went wrong during his borderline racist routine and he just fell to the ground in agony on the words ‘dance for me boy’, a phrase he has been practising for years”.

“Fight wise; he should be fine, but Dana White has been freaking out that McGregor won’t be able to trash talk his way through the remaining press conferences, which is really what he’s there to do to begin with,” concluding, “there’s no concern about his jaw when he actually faces Mayweather, as we expect it will be the first thing to get broken in the opening round anyway”.