Hilarious Couple Post Hilarious Video Of Themselves Being Hilarious


IN what has been described as a ground-breaking event in the history of the internet, a hilarious boyfriend and girlfriend pairing have posted an amateur comedy sketch of themselves online, leading many comedy commentators to describe them as ‘the funniest thing ever witnessed by humankind’.

Stephen Furlong and his girlfriend Maddie Hennessy posted the 1 minute and 30 seconds clip of themselves to their Facebook page earlier today, in which they act out a hilarious recreation of what it’s like when they’re going out somewhere but Stephen is left waiting for Maddie for ages. The video immediately got dozens of views from the couple themselves as they watched it over and over again, delighted with how it turned out.

The couple then began to tag all their friends in the comments section, along with every online content aggregation site they could think of in a bid to get their video to go viral.

The clip quickly spread to every dot-ie website in their native country of Ireland, with headlines such as ‘LOL, you won’t believe this clip’, and ‘OMG, we’re dying after watching this hilarious video’.

“This is just the kind of content the world has been waiting for,” said an editor for an edgy, daily website from Ireland.

“We can write ten, maybe fifteen articles about this clip alone, and we’re more than welcome to post anything Stephen and Maddie record in the future. Can you imagine if they started pranking each other, and recording their hilarious reactions? That’d be so funny, we’d have to put a fucking health warning on it”.

Although the couple may be internet sensations at the moment, one local man may have trumped their formula by recreating their style of video but playing both the parts at the same time, just changing his voice to differentiate when he’s playing the boyfriend and when he’s playing the girlfriend. More as we get it.