Pope Confirms Local Man Made Holy Show Of Himself At Weekend


FOR the first time during his tenure as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis has officially confirmed that a Waterford man made a ‘holy show’ of himself while attending a wedding on Saturday.

Guests in attendance at the wedding in Waterford city bore witness to Cathal McBreen getting completely out of his gourd throughout the day, culminating in a stunning display of drunkeness as the 26-year-old joined the bride and groom on the dancefloor during their first dance, sliding on his knees playing air guitar before being dragged out of the ballroom by two of his uncles who urged him to ‘have a bit of cop on’.

With news of the incident reaching the Vatican on Sunday morning, the Pope assessed the state of McBreen and confirmed that the Tramore native didn’t just make a show of himself, but had indeed made a holy show of himself.

“Never before has the Holy Father witnessed someone in such a state,” said Archbishop Martin Guiney, spokesperson for the Vatican’s Mortification Department.

“This went above and beyond embarrassment and shame; this was one for the ages. The last time a Pope issued a ‘holy show’ to an Irish person was Pope John Paul in 1987, to a Galway man who got so drunk he wandered into his girlfriend’s parents room and shit on their bed while they were in it”.

McBreen was unavailable for comment due to ‘still being on the rip’.