Local Man Willing To Haggle Over Any Price


A WATERFORD man has outlined the secret to his financial stability, pointing towards his sheer inability to pay full price for anything as key to his extra spending money.

Shane Costelligan, 36, is willing to haggle and barter with everybody he buys something from, regardless of whether he’s buying a new sofa or a pair of trousers.

Whereas the majority of people simply pay the price on the label of whatever they’re buying, Costelligan uses this figure as a ‘starting point’, often baffling clerks and shop workers with a storm of nonsense in a bid to gain the upper hand when bargaining.

Much to the embarrassment of his wife Elaine and his three kids whenever they’re with him, the Lismore native nevertheless is confident that everyone is happy when he manages to get three euro knocked off the price of his meat shop in the butchers if he pays in cash.

“Yeah, my missus says she ‘doesn’t know where to look’ when I start haggling with staff, but you don’t hear her complaining when I get a five euro discount,” beamed Costelligan.

“How am I so good at haggling? It’s simple, I underwent a neck-thickening operation when I was 20, and it left me with a neck like a jockey’s bollocks altogether. So whereas most people would be embarrassed to ask for a discount, I just don’t give a fuck”.

Costelligan went on to persuade us to sell our car to him, settling for 1,000 euro less than we asked for.