Broken Election Promise Kills One


A BROKEN election promise to secure 24/7 cardiac care in Waterford last year has tragically taken its first life this week after a local man died of cardiac arrest while being transferred to a real hospital in Cork.

WWN is sad to confirm the untimely passing of 39-year-old Thomas Power, from Bell Lake near Dunmore East, after he was turned away from the local University Hospital Waterford, as there were no adequate facilities in place for the 21st century human being.

It is understood that Mr Power drove himself to the hospital after falling ill, in the hope to be treated with everything modern medical science had to offer. However, the soon to be father-of-one was seemingly unaware of a series of broken election promises made by several political parties and local independent TDs.

“Mr. Power was probably under the impression that this was a fully equipped hospital capable of dealing with life threatening conditions like cardiac arrests,” a source at the hospital told WWN, “but unfortunately the specialised unit that deals with one of the Nation’s most common causes of death is only here for forty hours a week”.

Following his passing in an ambulance on the 90 minute journey to Cork, senior staff at the UHW are now urging patients who maybe suffering from a heart attack to please do so between the hours of 8:30am to 5:30pm, and to bring their own helicopter if needed.

“We have one search and rescue helicopter for the whole region and it’s usually spread thin doing silly things like saving people from the sea, cliffs or mountains,” a doctor explained, “basically, if you want to survive a heart attack in Ireland, don’t live in the south east. But if you want to become unemployed, develop a drug or alcohol addiction or indeed just be generally neglected, move to Waterford”.

If you would like to know when a 24/7 CAT lab will be made available at UHW, contact the Minister for Health HERE.