ONLY IN IRELAND! This Man Went On Holidays While It Was Sunny Here!


IN a stunning display of misfortune that could literally only happen to an Irish person abroad, Waterford native Fintan Muldoon has gone on a sun holiday just as Ireland experiences a scorching heatwave.

Muldoon, 34, is currently in Tenerife with his girlfriend Kaitlin Gannon, and has Skyped home to confirm that the weather is ‘actually quite overcast’ – a bitter pill to swallow, given the record-setting temperatures being enjoyed across Ireland at the minute.

A renowned sun-lover, Muldoon is said to be solemnly accepting his place in this world as one of life’s utter failures, having cashed in on his one chance to enjoy a week in the sun for the whole year, when he could have just stayed at home and gone to Tenerife next week, doubling the amount of solar exposure he could have enjoyed.

Tramore native Muldoon could only listen in dismay as his friends and family gleefully informed him that he would have ‘been better off at home’, as each and every one of them took to Whatsapp and Skype to make sure he knew that he was missing out.

“Ha ha ha! Typical! LOL!” wrote Martin Grehan, one of Muldoon’s best friends over text.

“It’s sunny here, and you’re in a country that should be sunny, but it’s not! You left here because you hate the Irish weather! But get this! It’s nice! it’s actually fucking nice!! And you’re not here! Ha ha ha, that is classic lad! That is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced! I wish I could see your face!”.

Muldoon has also been assured that the good weather will ‘be gone by the time he gets back’, further adding to his misery.