World Asked To Intervene In East Africa Famine To Prevent More Bob Geldof


AFTER the countless warnings from aid agencies of the impending devastation that would visit several east African countries as famine takes hold was met with stony silence, a stark warning of Bob Geldof’s potential reemergence if the problem was to worsen could finally spark world leaders into action.

“After failing to get the world’s attention via the normal channels of human empathy and compassion, we’ve had to hit what we call the ‘nuclear option’,” Yvonne Sutherland, a spokesperson for one of the charities on the ground explained.

Sutherland added that nothing binds and focuses people and governments around the world like the threat of another Live Aid single and the constant presence of Bob Geldof in media outlets.

The pressure to act out of anything other than self interest can often leave world leaders reluctant to prevent death and injustice around the world. However, with the knowledge that if they were to stand idly by and let suffering in South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia continue it could allow Bob Geldof to become a constant presence on TV, Radio and social media again.

“What people can’t forget is that if there is a failure to act here, and I don’t mean to fear monger, but a Geldof more often than not also comes with a Bono, and we shouldn’t need to say anymore than that,” Sutherland added, striking fear into the hearts of millions around the world.

“While many people may struggle to care about the potential starvation of over 16 million people, we know they certainly don’t want Geldof’s face and ceaselessly whiny voice anywhere close to them, a few bob from everyone could prevent more Bob”.

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