Met Éireann Staff Given Bonus Following Good Weather


STAFF at Met Éireann have successfully activated a clause in their contracts which will see them net a bumper bonus, thanks in no small part to this week’s heat wave.

With temperatures hitting the 20s this past weekend ,staff at the weather procurement agency hit one of their main temperature targets, helping themselves to a big payday.

“We don’t do it for the money, we do it just to see the happy look on people’s faces,” confirmed Met Éireann employee Gerry Campbell, who is just one of 40 members of staff who will receive a five figure bonus.

The pay out has come after a number of staff led negotiations with the idyllic island paradise of Bermuda, and despite some ups and downs, they returned to Ireland last Friday with the good weather.

“Some years it can be incredibly tough to get a bit of Sun imported into Ireland, other countries outbid us, but we were all on the ball this year,” added Campbell, now fanning himself with €50 notes to keep himself cool.

The bonuses, paid out in the event of Ireland hitting high temperatures were suspended under the Haddington Road agreement but were reinstated last year.

Under the reinstated bonus system staff are also fined €10 every time an Irish man walks around with his top off even though it’s only 10 degrees out.