23 Jobs Created As Monkey Business Expands To Cork


GOOD NEWS on the job from for county Cork as burgeoning monkey business has announced 23 positions, which will be filled in the coming weeks.

While little detail has been given regarding the positions, anyone with previous experience in acting the maggot is encouraged to apply.

“We take our monkey business seriously, so anyone with a sly nature, a rambunctious streak or what have you, we want to hear from you,” confirmed head of recruitment at monkey business Noel Stafford.

Further expanding on the sort of applicants the firm is looking for, Stafford appealed to any chancers in the surrounding Cork areas to also make themselves known.

“Look, only messers need apply. If you’ve experience in making what should be a straightforward process far more complex and dodgy than it should be, you’re what we’re looking for,” Stafford added.

Already operating in Cork on a casual basis for years, monkey business is now said to be an active presence across the Nation.

A number of shady divils have already expressed an interest in the jobs, likely meaning monkey business will have no trouble filling the positions.

“I’m interested alright, but like, I’m only good to be interviewed tonight at around 1am, and I’ll meet ya outside St. Kevin’s Asylum, oh and just come by yourself. And make sure your car has a full tank of petrol,” explained one Cork local Alan Moran as part of his application written on the back of a beer mat.