“I’m Just Glad I Finally Found A Boyfriend Who Looks Exactly Like Me”


FOR LOCAL Waterford man Barry Robbins, coming out to friends and family was reassuringly easy, with all of them fully embracing the 24-year-old’s sexuality.

However, Barry subsequently found the path to finding true love was harder than he could have anticipated as the marketing executive struggled to find someone as nice as or indeed, as good looking as himself.

“Coming out was definitely the easiest part of the whole experience. However, what I totally overlooked is the sheer effort in trying to find a suitable partner that I would be compatible with and one that was as easy on the eye as myself,” explained Barry.

Barry had relied on his bedroom mirror to fulfill his sexual imagery needs for years, leaving him with an intense desire for himself, which ultimately led to him meeting his current boyfriend Robin Barrie.

“Look, it’s not as weird as it sounds, straight couples often end up choosing partners they look like, then there’s spinsters choosing dogs they look like, and to be honest, I really don’t see the similarities between myself and Robin” Barry continued.

“I used to spend hours just hammering away at my own reflection, so maybe, I kinda got used to it, you know, and that’s playing a factor?” Barry added, “little did I know that it would eventually influence my preferences, but I think people are mad when they say we look alike”.

Also speaking to WWN, Barry’s partner Robin held a similar view.

“Well, I’m just glad I finally found a boyfriend who looks exactly like me. Going out with Barry means I’ve saved a fortune on installing a mirror on the ceiling – they cost a fucking fortune,” Robin finished.