Exhausted Coveney Desperately Working Around The Clock To Meet Housing Deadline


MINISTER for Housing Simon Coveney has been urged by family, friends and colleagues to “take a break” and not to “over do it” after it was revealed he has been working tirelessly around the clock building homes for those in emergency accommodation.

Speaking to WWN today, a source close to the 44-year-old said the TD hasn’t been around in weeks due to a looming deadline he had set himself to relocate hundreds of families from B&Bs, hotels and cardboard boxes, and into affordable homes.

“Sorting the whole problem out by the end of June was always going to be a stretch, especially when Simon has never built a home before,” said the friend, “he’s been following home build tutorials on YouTube so things were slow to start off, and he admitted there were a few spare parts left over from the first few builds, but he seems to be flying through them now”.

It is understood the Housing Minister has so far built 478 affordable homes, but it is not clear exactly when he will be finished the entire project.

“He’s absolutely exhausted and I don’t think he’s slept since running for the Fine Gael leadership,” wife Ruth explains, ironing a pair of concrete splattered jeans, “he might be home an hour or two a night to see the kids off to bed, but then it’s straight back to the site. His health is deteriorating as he’s eating nothing but breakfast rolls with brown sauce.

We’ll all be glad when this deadline is over, and the smell of sausage disappears from his breath”.

In the Rebuilding Ireland Housing Action Plan, Mr. Coveney committed to the pledge last year that private hotels to house homeless families would only be used in limited circumstances by the middle of this year.