The Hilarious Moment These Parents Made Plans For A Day Out With The Kids


THERE were rib-tickling scenes in a Waterford household this weekend, after local parents Mairead and Killian O’Hoey sat down and came up with a plan for a day out with their three young children, taking in several stops to local playparks, shops and restaurants along the way.

To the amusement of everyone else in the country, the O’Hoeys started Saturday by listing off the places they wanted to go and the things they wanted to do, and set about figuring out how to get everything done in time for lunch, followed by some playtime for the kids and then a stop to get the week’s groceries on the way home.

Factoring into account what it would take to get Cian (9), Mark (6) and Jessie (18 months) to and from all the places they needed to visit, the O’Hoeys then spent the next four hours attempting to get themselves out of their Dungarvan home while the weather turned from ‘nice’ to ‘shite’ in front of their eyes.

Now hugely upset with each other for no particular reason, the tension between the O’Hoey parents threatened to boil into a full-blown row as each of their kids began to cry and argue over separate things, much to the amusement of families across the country.

“You’d just want to see them earlier in the morning, making plans! Plans for the kids!” said one onlooker, who gave up trying to do anything with his family a long time ago.

“Can you imagine? ‘Let’s go here, then go there, then you take the little one and I’ll take the boys, and we’ll meet up at blah blah blah’. Yeah, right! When it comes to doing anything with your family at the weekend, you don’t ‘plan’ for anything, You just leave the house and wing it”.

Accepting the humorous aspect of their failure, the O’Hoey family are now looking forward to their upcoming summer holiday that involves a 237-step plan to get to and from a foreign country, which promises to be fucking hilarious.