Warning As Nauseating Family Pictures At The Waterford Greenway Expected Today


SOCIAL media users in the southeast are being warned over a barrage of family pictures from the Waterford Greenway today which may induce nausea in many people.

The Waterford county council has put in place a ‘status red warning’ for smiley happy family members on the 46km walk and cycle way, which stretches from Dungarvan, through the beautiful countryside and on to Waterford city.

“We would ask people who are susceptible to vomit inducing family pictures to refrain from logging onto social media channels for the remainder of today,” county council spokesperson John Roche told WWN, “if you must check your Facebook or Twitter accounts, please make sure to have a sick bag beside you as hundreds of Brady bunch type images are expected on everyone’s feed”

The Waterford Greenway, which opened last month, has so far seen dozens of unsuspecting victims being admitted to A&E with a serious case of nausea, mostly at the weekend, mainly Sunday.

“I was just scrolling down minding my own business when I seen my friend and his family on bikes going through some old rail tunnel,” one victim explains, who was admitted to hospital last Sunday after vomiting up the contents of stomach through his nose and mouth, “I just couldn’t handle the cheesiness of it all, they looked so happy and the whole family unit imagery just made me puke. I’m still cringing thinking about it: I wouldn’t wish it on anybody”.

So far over 134 Greenway vomiting cases have been reported since its opening in April, with many more expected over the summer period.

Families are being asked not to look so happy when taking pictures on the track and to think about other people when uploading pictures of themselves enjoying life.

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