Farmer’s Field: How To Cut Corners With Your Farm Safety


WITH the news that an increasing number of farmers are ignoring basic farm safety measures, WWN’s sister publication, The Farmer’s Field, was shocked to learn that they are still some farmers who choose not to cut corners.

‘Health and safety’ was a concept drummed up by Dubliners who wanted to repress non-Dublin folk. They were scared we would farm too good and end up making billions from wool, meat, veg and milk.

Ask any decent non-Dublin farmer and they’ll tell you, if you aren’t risking your life through sheer pigheadedness on a daily basis then you aren’t a farmer at all.

Farmer’s Field wants to help every farmer skirt dangerously close to tragedy every day and this guide is your only man:

You know best

Sure aren’t you on the farm all day, if you want your 9-year-old to plough the field with a tractor, that’s the end of that debate. Those politically correct anti-farming bastards with their Dublin accents and their non-tweed clothes haven’t a clue what they’re talking about. They can fuck off and then some.


Fucking harmless. Next.

Wearing hi-vis jackets

Why? So the cows can see you? Give over.

But people lose their lives, you could be next

But sure you haven’t died yet though, have you? DUBLIN PROPAGANDA!

No seriously, 21 farmers lost their lives on farms in 2016

G’way with your Dublin counting and numbers.

Follow these simple rules and you can be celebrated for your stubbornness long after you’re attacked by a cow after she has given birth to he calf.