“I Will Rid The West Of This Dangerous, Tyrannical Leader” Heroic Kim Jong Un Determined To Help US People


DOWNTRODDEN, desperate and in need of serious intervention, the people of the United States of America continue to decry the rule of President Donald Trump while his administration and Republican party, through its effective propaganda machine, spread a message of a stable and prosperous country.

However, a change for the better could be just around the corner as North Korean leader and liberator-in-waiting, Kim Jong Un unveiled yet another military missile, in an attempt to force Trump’s hand, encouraging America’s first president of Orange-American dissent to step down.

“It is the duty of leaders around the world to rid the West of this dangerous and tyrannical leader,” Kim Jong Un said in a media address to North Korean State TV, with his heroic stance gaining praise around the world.

The news that North Korea have a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead is said to have come of great comfort to the people of America, who have already grown weary of the oppressive Trump regime.

Meanwhile the UN, who had retained a silent stance on the issue of removing Trump from power, has today confirmed that they welcome Jong Un’s words of reassurance to the American people.

Trump, who has been accused by former national intelligence head James Clapper of putting democratic institutions ‘under assault’ will be the likely sole target of any North Korean missile attack, much to the relief of residents in the Washington DC area.