HSE’s One Working Computer Turned On In Nervous Moment For Government IT Team


THERE were tense scenes in Dublin City centre today as a crack team of IT specialists enlisted by the government to ward off any ill effects from the WannaCry malware gathered around the HSE’s only functioning computer.

The 12 experts, whose CVs will be checked by the government sometime next month, stared nervously at the HP Pavillion 6635, purchased during the boom years in 1998.

“We won’t know until we switch it on if Minesweep and Solitaire are still operational,” explained one of the IT heroes, who was hired after showing one government minister how to correctly use several Snapchat filters.

“We’d imagine there is very little to worry about as we’re successive governments haven’t cut corners when it comes to replacing obsolete equipment in our health service or any public service for that matter,” added another IT expert as he tentatively removed a floppy disk from the computer.

The WannaCry ransomware attack has affected over 100 countries and has seen the IT systems of the NHS hit along with prominent multi-national companies as well as governments. While Ireland has also been affected by the ransomware attack, it is not thought to be as badly exposed to WannaCry as other countries.

“It’s about time we get some credit for this sort of stuff. Could you imagine the hassle we’d have if we’d bought that second computer for the HSE back in 2001 or a third one in 2012. Not so useless now are we,” shared one unnamed government minister, who was quite chuffed with himself.