Muslim Parents To Sit Kids Down & Explain Why They Might Get Bullied Today


FOLLOWING the arrests of terror suspects in several locations in Dublin and Meath, a pair of local Muslim parents made sure to get up 30 minutes earlier than planned this morning to allow for a brief discussion with their children on being bullied, WWN can reveal.

Taking care to explain to their two daughters and son the reasons behind why their children will likely receive an endless stream of abuse, Nasim and Mustafa Ali Khan took it upon himself to share that they may be blamed for their non-part in the terror arrests.

Careful to explain to their children aged 11, 9 and 6 that while they played no part in the alleged attempt to provide funds to ISIS which led to the arrests, the Waterford based parents added that certain people find these things hard to comprehend and that a torrent of abuse, commentary and insinuation from their peers and elders could be on its way.

“Just ignore anyone who says anything, keep your head down and don’t worry. None of this is your fault,” Nasim shared with her children as all three of them began to protest at the thought of having to go to school today,

“People might be mean to you because people you’ve never met, born in countries we’ve never been to, and living in places in Ireland we don’t live did something illegal,” Mustafa explained to his children despite the fact they must know the drill at this stage.

“Now, c’mon, I’m not saying it will definitely happen,” added Mustafa, catching the eye of his wife as he lied to his children in order to make them feel less upset.

“And anyway, I’m leaving the car with your mother today so you won’t have to walk home,” Mustafa concluded, not sure he or his wife can say anything that will make the day easier on his children.