Local Man Adamant That He Hates Ru Paul’s Drag Race


WATERFORD native Ian Kerrihan has once again stressed that he has no interest in popular drag queen talent show ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’, stating emphatically that he thinks that the show is rubbish and that he can’t understand why people watch the long-running hit TV smash.

Hosted by RuPaul, real name RuPaul, Drag Race follows the reality talent show formula of X-Factor or American Idol, but focuses on the gripping and sometimes hilarious world of drag queenery.

As such, the show holds no interest for 34-year-old Kerrihan, who prefers to watch things like sports and current affairs shows where people argue, maybe movies where a lot of people get killed in a war, or Top Gear.

The Tramore man makes sure to let everyone know that he has no interest in cross-dressing or transvestism or drag performance or whatever it is that Drag Race is about before quickly changing the subject to sports, unless someone wants to talk about how Latrice Royale was robbed in season 4.

“No, I can’t stand that show. They’re all gay, probably” said Kerrihan, watching another episode to make sure he hates it.

“I’m straight so I watch straight shows. That’s just how things go. I can’t enjoy all these fantastic-looking drag performers sassing the fuck out of each other all the time, lip-sync battling to the death to save their spot on the show. Nah, as soon as I get through this episode, I’m going to watch the Angelus nine times then go have a big cry”.

Kerrihan was heard to explain ‘ooh, you bitch’ nine times throughout the latest episode of Drag Race, followed by exclamations of ‘just so we’re clear, I hate this show’.