Local Girl Commemorates Trip On Bus With 97 Selfies


COMMUTERS on a Dublin bus journey this morning found themselves curiously wondering just what was so momentous about this trip, that it made a young girl commemorate it with nearly 100 pictures of herself over the 45 minute journey.

“She’s taken more pictures of herself than me and my wife had taken of us on our wedding day,” remarked one man as he made his was to work on the 39a route from Blanchardstown to Dublin city center.

“What can she possibly be so enthusiastic about? This bus journey is a fucking nightmare,” agreed another passenger, as the bus lurched from one traffic stop to the next.

In a bid to discover just what was so momentous about this journey, one passenger sitting behind the teenager glanced over her shoulder to see just what was going on, discovering to his confusion that the youth seemed to be deleting each photo almost immediately after taking them.

“It was like a reflex, an instinct,” the man told WWN in an exclusive interview.

“I thought she might have been posting these pics to a blog or online journal or social media profile, but no… it was just selfie, delete, selfie, delete… what was she looking for? Was there a perfection she was aiming for, that she couldn’t achieve? Was her artistic vision compromised by each shot? I mean, it’s the 39a, not the fucking Grand Canyon”.

Hi, WWN here. 

We hope you enjoyed the above article, but we’d like to talk seriously to you for a moment. 

Up to 500,000 Irish youths are addicted to taking pictures of themselves. These young people get no joy from the activity, and many are not aware that they have a very serious addiction. Young people, taking photos of themselves while waiting at bus stops, in Dunnes, even while walking on just a normal footpath. 

If you see a young person taking what appears to be an incredibly pointless selfie, with none of their friends around, in a location that you or others might describe as a shithole, then please, give them the help they need. 

Knock the phone out of their hands, and tell them to cop themselves on. 

Thank you for reading, and remember; not every moment in life needs to be commemorated by a photograph of you, throwing up a gang sign for no good reason.