Loads Of Homeless People In Ireland, But Sure Look, You Knew That Already


THE MEDIA has apologised for the repetitive nature of its coverage for much of the last 4 years as yet another news story detailing the ever increasing numbers of homeless people in Ireland does the rounds.

“Sorry, it might have been news for the last 1600 odd days in a row, and it’s still news today, but sure look it, you know this stuff off by heart at this stage so no need to read on beyond this,” read a headline in today’s Irish Times.

Many outlets were forced to point out to the public that they were not simply regurgitating old news stories and that the record figures emerging today were not the same as those previously reported when record numbers of homeless people were said to be living on the streets and in temporary accommodation.

“Record numbers of homeless people. Depressing. Political paralysis on the issue. Solutions ignored. Children homeless. Nothing likely to change. Blah, blah, blah, you know the drill at this stage” explained Brian Dobson as he detailed the lead story on the Six One news this evening.

Editors and journalists spoke to WWN of the difficulty surrounding reporting on the issue of homelessness.

“You know there’s only so many variations of shots of someone’s hands clutching a coffee cup on the Ha’penny Bridge we can use,” news editor Ciara Mulcanty shared.

“I know people on the streets have it tough, but spare a thought for me. With the clear lack of improvement in most areas of the problem, I’m going to be stuck editing homeless news items for at least another 20 years,” concluded Mulcanty.