“Can We Keep Him Pa?” The Heartwarming Moment An American Child Befriends A Stray Bullet


“Taw, he looks so cosy snuggled up there between my L4 and L5 vertebrae, it would be a shame to take him out”

These were the heartwarming words 8-year-old Charlotte Williams uttered to her parents as an orthopedic surgeon showed an x-ray of a stray bullet, which followed her home from school yesterday afternoon.

The young girl’s adorable gesture has so far gained millions of shares online, with a video of the girl asking her father if she could keep the stray bullet, reaching 34 million views on Facebook.

“Can we keep him, Pa?” the 4th grader pleaded with her smiling dad, as the doctors explained the life threatening implications of the procedure to remove the .45 calibre bullet.

“We don’t know who it belongs to, honey,” he can be heard replying, unaware a ballistics report has since proven it was fired from the gun of a now deceased male, who was later shot down by US police after attempting to rob a local liquor store in Charlotte’s hometown, making Charlotte one of at least seven children shot in the United States each day.

“But he’s so cute, I don’t even feel him in there and it’s not even sore,” the now upset young girl could be heard saying, while the doctor unsuccessfully tested for feeling in her leg with a pin.

“She is so adorable. Please dad, let her keep him,” one Facebook commenter wrote under the viral video.

“I wish I had a stray bullet,” said another person.

Fortunately, after several consultations with specialists and doctors, Charlotte’s wish was granted, as the shrapnel was deemed too close to the spinal cord to operate on, forcing her parents to keep the stray bullet in their daughter’s lower back for the time being.