“I Passive Aggressively Share Buddhist Quotes On Facebook To Get My Shitty Point Across”


AS part of WWNs opinion series, we give a platform to those who don’t really deserve it. This week is the turn of social media user, Saoirse Dalton-Woods, who openly admits to using pictures of Buddhist quotes to get her shitty point across to people who have just crossed her.

Some people in this world really deserve to be taught a lesson over treating me wrong; be it, ignoring me in the shops, or simply forgetting to wish me a happy birthday on Facebook. And what better way to assassinate their character than with a suitable phrase of wisdom, conveniently mirroring the current situation and pointing out how wrong they are, and proving how I’m always right.

I’ll admit that sharing the teachings from a philosophy of peace to inflict emotional unease on others is somewhat ironic, even hypocritical of me, but jesus I’m good at it, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to avoid actual confrontation; instead of talking it out with them, or letting your feelings be known to them in an adult manner.

Sure, the person you intended to see the quote might not immediately get its context, or see it for that matter, even if you literally just had the argument with them ten minutes ago, so adding your own caption to the post is key to achieving your spiritually corrupt goal of ruining their news feed scrolling experience.

“We all know someone like this” is one of my favourite lines to use when sharing a life lesson quote. If they don’t get it at the time, then one of their other friends will, and hopefully point it out to them, asking “Is this about you?”, or “are you fighting with Saoirse, cause she’s posting those brilliantly accurate Buddhist quotes about you again. She’s amazing like that”.

I’ve got an arsenal at this stage, for every occasion, and I would class myself as a black belt in Buddhism, a master even. I’d dare any bitch to cross me right now. Anyone! You don’t acknowledge my presence in a shop? Boom! here’s a fucking quote about how real friends treat each other! Oh, you said something to Tracey about how I didn’t invite you to pilates on Thursday with the girls? Boom! here’s a fucking quote on two faced cunts with frizzy hair and smelly armpits.

Of course, I’ve gained a reputation over the past few years on Facebook, but that’s just the real me coming through that JPEG image, that someone else created using someone else’s words.

That’s how I roll, bitch!