CONFIRMED: That Show You Like Will Go On For One Season Too Many


TV executives have issued a statement confirming that your favourite show is expected to outstay its welcome by at least one season, blowing past what would have been a satisfying and memorable point of conclusion and ruining its overall legacy in the process.

Your favourite show, which you started watching from the start way before all these other bandwagon-jumpers got on board, hit the airwaves with a stunning, award-winning first season followed by two more years of solid, newsworthy entertainment that thrilled its legions of fans worldwide.

With the show’s creators happily beginning to close off character and story arcs in a bid to bring the whole thing to an end with a sensational series finale that would leave fans cheering in the aisles, the studio which produces your favourite show has instead opted to sign more or less everyone up to lucrative contracts for another three years, with plans to replace anyone who leaves with a new actor that nobody likes.

“If you like your favourite show now, then just wait till you see what we have planned for it!” beamed the producers of your favourite show, all sporting brand new fur coats.

“Well, when we say ‘what we have planned’, we don’t really have anything planned at the minute. In fact, the story you were watching has been pretty much told at this point. But we’re going to bolt some new arc onto the end of this, kinda drag it out for a few years, then try desperately to tie everything all together with a big mish-mash of a finale that will have you saying ‘fuck, is that it?’. But we promise you; we’re going to have a great time with all that money we’ll make”.

Your favourite show returns this weekend and is expected to achieve a record-breaking number of viewers for the series opener, before these numbers dwindle week by week until cancellation.