Local Man Wears Hats Now


ALTHOUGH they initially dismissed the wearing of hats as a passing fad or a byproduct of the cold weather, friends of one local Waterford man are today coming to terms with the fact that their pal wears hats now, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Sean Carolan, 36, was never known to friends as a hat person save for the occasional Thinsulate beanie if the weather got really, really bitter.

However, in recent months Carolan has been seen sporting a number of hats; from woolly hipster hats to flat caps, chunky knitted numbers to what many describe as ‘a fucking fedora’.

Speaking exclusively to WWN, a close acquaintance of the Tramore native stated that Carolan’s new hat-fondness is ‘something that we all just have to accept’.

“We noticed Sean would show up at the pub or at the football wearing a hat, but we chalked it up to the weather being a bit chilly. But it was lovely there yesterday, and there he was; wearing a God damn woolly hat,” sobbed Mark Marron, a friend of Carolan’s from all the way back in school.

“A fucking woolly hat, in the pub, and he never took it off. We asked him if he was maybe a bit warm, and he said ‘no I’m grand’… we just had to accept it. He wears hats now”.

“We’re friends with a fucking hat person”.