Local Entrepreneur Finds It Hard To Switch Off


A COUNTY Waterford businessman, who started up his own niche brand of herbal hand soap called Herboap, has admitted today that he finds it ‘hard to switch off’ in the evenings, due to his fantastically brilliant mind that ‘rarely leaves him be’.

Conor Davis, who has worked in a string of different jobs since leaving college, describes himself as a bit of a genius when it comes to innovating, also claiming to run on as little as four hours sleep a night, while also managing to work a 22 hour day, without a break.

“I never get a moment’s rest,” the 33-year-old opened up, kindly pausing briefly to talk to this reporter while simultaneously rearranging some really important papers on his desk, “I’ve got meetings with clients all this week and next. I’ll be lucky to see a day off between now and 2019, I’m that busy. In fact, I was nearly going to cancel this interview”.

When quizzed as to exactly what he does in his office between these meetings, Davis looked rather stumped while attempting to reply.

“Well, there’s emails here that need reading, and I spend a lot of time online updating my company’s social network accounts,” he replied, appearing a little uncomfortable with the questioning, “you know, we’ve got nearly 345 followers on Facebook, so that takes up quite a bit of my time during the day”.

According to Mr. Davis, Herboap has raked in over €1, 378 in sales since the business was set up last year, and is expected to double that figure by the end of Q3.

“Right now, we’re the leading herbal soap brand in the county,” he boasted, now frantically checking a message he just received on his phone.

“Oh! That’s me gone now for the day, have to meet a client about a potential display unit in the local Daybreak; the joys of being self employed!” he finished, rolling his eyes like it meant a fuck.