ENGLISH Columnist Wrote Something Bad About IRELAND & We’re Milking It For Clicks


SOME female columnist from England wrote something about Ireland that you probably wouldn’t like and we’re publishing it here in the hope that you will get enraged and engage with other outraged people in our comments section.

Melanie Philips, who wrote the comment piece for today’s UK Times, belittled Ireland – and some other countries we don’t care about- with a series of carefully orchestrated words she placed in an undesirable fashion, sparking some man on Twitter to post a screengrab of her piece with a brief summary of his own, which thankfully sparked enough negative attention for us, and several other organisations, to write a fairly substantial article on it.

In a bid to mimic the social engagement brought on by the outrage, we have embedded said tweet here in the hope that you too will also become annoyed enough to leave an angry emoji or some type of well thought out comment for everyone never to read.

What, you’re not really that outraged by what she said? Well then fuck you, you unpatriotic Mick.

Do we care the opinionated woman paid to write engaging content said these stupid things? No. Do we care about what our readers have to say about Philips’ point of view? No.

All we care about is finding something to make you tick, something to make you feel like you have an opinion, an opinion we got into bed with once we saw how beneficial it could be to our reputable news publication.