RTÉ Commission Hilarious New HSE-Based Sitcom


RTÉ have released details of their upcoming programming for the Autumn season, with a brand new sitcom based on the daily operation of the health service receiving the slot vacated by the cancellation of Republic Of Telly.

‘It Hurts When I Laugh’ will feature several RTÉ favourites starring as a team of HSE officials as they juggle scandals, shortages and silliness all across the country, and will feature real-life scenarios mixed with scripted shenanigans.

The project started life as a gritty documentary about the chronic failings of the HSE, but soon got re-written as a comedy after everyone accepted that ‘all you can do is laugh’ when it comes to the health service in Ireland.

“You can’t spell ‘hilarious’ without HSE,” beamed a spokesperson for RTÉ at a glitzy launch event that they threw for themselves.

“This programme was a no-brainer for us. Rather than sit down and try to come up with something, we simply took something that was already farcical to the point of absurdity and added in a buffoon character to fall around and lose important files, and a ‘will-they-won’t-they’ love tryst between an overpaid consultant and an overpaid HR manager. It’s sitcom basics, really”.

The sitcom also features plenty of scope for cameos from Minister of Health Simon Harris, should he fail to pass that poisoned chalice to someone else between now and October.